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Solar Powered Awesome

We are finally finished moving into a new, larger warehouse, but we still have the same neighbors: Blue Q runs their shipping operation out of the same building.  Shire City Herbals joined them there this past week/end one year exactly since we moved Fire Cider out of our house.  Not only is the space larger and better suited to our needs, it’s also solar-powered.  How cool is that?

Part of the huge solar array at 703 West Housatonic St in Pittsfield.

Part of the huge solar array in our new backyard.

The solar array provides about 80% of the electricity that the entire building uses, on average, year round.   Yeah, we were impressed too.

And Blue Q also spent time last year building a sweet garden and outdoor picnic spot for everyone to enjoy.   Clearly, our businesses were meant to be together.

We really hope Time Warner will hook up our internet soon.  It’s been over a week without service.  We got creative and have been using a cell phone as a hot spot.  Seriously, it’s like 1990 over there, I can almost hear the wacky dial-up noise, you remember that?!

Moving in and setting up took longer than expected but we are super happy in our new space!

Moving in and setting up took longer than expected but we are super happy in our new space!

We have a small corner, about 1,000 sq ft of a much larger space.  Hopefully we won’t have to move again for the foreseeable future.   Having another 10,000 plus sq ft to expand into certainly helps!

It’s a beautiful day here in the Berkshires, Dana is excited to get his skis on for the first time this winter!   Happy snow day to all of you, here’s a cartoon starring your favorite weird little guy, Go Go:



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2 thoughts on “Solar Powered Awesome

  1. Helen Symons on said:

    I bought my Fire Cider a few days ago at River Valley market after seeing the article about your product. I have been suffering from heartburn for the past several weeks and already I can feel a difference. I have taken it straight but also made salad dressing which is delicious. Thanks so much and Good Luck with your new space. I assume you will be able to read this eventually!!!

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