Fire Cider Recipes

It's A Medicinal Tonic. It's A Cocktail Mixer. It's Both…and More!

Tales for Tee Shirts, Part II

I hope you all had a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!  I have to say  I am super thankful for all of the support Brain, Dana and I have gotten from all of you!  It is so rewarding to be contributing in a meaningful way to our community. And I get to work with two of my favorite people, how cool is that?!
A loud and clear message on the back!

A loud and clear message on the back!

Recently I asked folks on our Facebook page to send in stories or recipes with a focus on Fire Cider in exchange for one of our new t-shirts.   G.S. from Connecticut recently sent us this story and  we think it’s pretty great:
“Hi guys – I found your website last evening after a friend at the racquet club told me about it. And I can honestly say I’ve seen every video and read pretty much every word on your website. And I could not wait to try it out – and it was pretty late at night so I had to wait. I know it sounds silly, but it really was annoying to wait to over 12 hours to try it.
I had ZERO doubts that I’d have to drive miles to find an ‘esoteric’ product like Fire Cider but turns out you are in my town at the local health store! I couldn’t believe it!  So first thing this morning on the calendar was to pick it up and I opened it in the health store, asked for a spoon, and tasted it right there. AND LOVED IT. And started giving taste samples to folks in the store right there –  happily becoming your unofficial salesman and spokesperson. And then I went to lunch (technically a business meeting), and I let folks at the restaurant try it and then I added it to my corn chowder. And yes, delicious corn chowder gets to be even more delicious with a tablespoon of Fire Cider!

I just wanted to send you guys a quick email to say how much I love Fire Cider- it is just flat out awesome. There is only one problem: I collect hot sauces and now there is something that is NOT a hot sauce, but rules them all! What am I going to do with the hot sauces?”

Not a bad problem to have!  G.S.’s Fire Cider T-shirt is in the mail and if you want FREE Fire Cider swag, send in your recipes or Fire Cider story to  Mega bonus point to anyone who made a Fire Cider Turkey for the big day!

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