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Fire Cider Stories: Kate’s Morning Ritual

Last week I posted our new t-shirt designs done by Bohemia Printing in Michigan and I asked our Facebook and Twitter fans to send along their favorite recipe or Fire Cider story in exchange for one of our sweet organic cotton shirts!

Now with a bigger Pirate front....

Now with a bigger Pirate front….

A loud and clear message on the back!

And loud and clear message on the back!

Did I mention they are printed using mineral based, earth friendly fabric dye?  How cool is that?!  The shirts will be for sale at all our events through the end of this year:

11/24 and 12/15 New Amsterdam Market 11 am to 4pm in NYC’s Seaport

12/8 Festival Fete Holiday Market at the Rhodes on the Pawtuxet in Cranston, RI from 10am to 6pm

12/13 thru 12/15 Crispina’s Holiday Shindy, Pittsfield MA  from  5-8 pm on Friday Dec 13th, Saturday and Sunday 10 am-5 pm

Here’s our favorite response so far from Kate in Rhode Island.  Kate’s t-shirt is on its way to her as a thank you for sharing her story!

Kate says- ‘We love the new T Shirts and we love Fire Cider!  Every morning, my husband, Kieran, and I walk our dog then come home to have breakfast, coffee and our morning ritual toast of a shot of Fire Cider.  And it is a ritual. We actually say a wee toast of thanks for each other, good health, and whatever is on our mind that day.  And we’ve stayed healthy–for ages now, even while coworkers have been stricken all around us! Shot glasses are typically left by the coffee pot to be dealt with later.  Looks very suspicious to the casual observer!  We have sent Fire Cider to our daughter too. She is a brandy-new 22 year-old teacher, trying to stay healthy and strong while working in a germy, challenging-tough-love-city middle school in North Las Vegas for the next two years.  We sent it with love, and now she’s hooked.  The Irish say “Guinness for Strength”, but Fire Cider works too! Thank you for making a wonderful product.  Congratulations on your growing success!’

Morning shots?  Sure thing, as long as it's shots of Fire Cider!

Morning shots? Sure thing, as long as it’s shots of Fire Cider!

Happy Wednesday friends, cheers to your health!


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