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Cucumber Salad

This recipe is a  Huebner family favorite.


  • Cucumbers
  • White onion
  • Fire Cider
  • Salt
  • Lots of freshly ground black pepper
  • A splash of olive oil
  • optional: chopped fresh dill
Cool and refreshing!

Cool and refreshing!


1. Peel and thinly slice as many cucumbers as you want to eat.  This salad gets better with time so make enough to have for lunch tomorrow.  Put the slices in a large bowl, add salt and toss. Let stand for at least a ½ hour then drain/squeeze out excess moisture – this concentrates the flavor!

2. Thinly slice enough white onion so that you have about 3 times as many cucumber slices as you do onion.  Mix the onion in with the cucumber.

3. Add a splash of organic, extra virgin olive oil.  Liberally add some Fire Cider and mix well.  Taste and adjust salt and Fire Cider.

4. Top with as much cracked black pepper as you like, the more the better.  Add some dill if using and mix again.

5.  Let sit for at least 20 minutes before serving.

Enjoy now or the next day and stay cool, healthy and hydrated!


Fire Cider Michelada Tasting and More!

Come and get all the samples of Fire Cider you can handle!!

This afternoon from 4-7 pm at Gracefully Market on Avenue A in Manhattan Michelle will be handing out samples of Fire Cider, just one more reason to stop by this awesome 24 hour grocery store!

Grand Street Bakery know what you want on a Friday night: free spicy cocktails!

Grand Street Bakery knows what you want on a Friday night: free spicy cocktails!

On Friday, yep, that’s tomorrow, Brian will be sampling Fire Cider as well as spicy Fire Cider Micheladas at The Grand Street Bakery in Brooklyn from 7-10 pm  Come for the free drinks, stay for more free drinks!

On Saturday 6/15 from 3-6 pm Brian will be handing out samples at Malt and Mold in NYC.
And next weekend we will be at the one and only New Amsterdam Market in the NYC Seaport from 11am-5pm Sunday June 23rd.
See you there!

Equipment UPgrade: All Stainless Steel, All The Time!

Dana and Brian cleaning our new stainless container so we can make our first big batch of Fire Cider!

Dana and Brian cleaning our new stainless container so we can make our first big batch of Fire Cider!

Brain, Dana and I are so happy to be finally upgrading all of our Fire Cider production equipment to stainless steel!  Pictured above is our new and improved stainless IBC- intermediate bulk container – which is in between a tanker truck and a 55 gallon barrel.  This 330 gallon container will be our new batch size, instead of using eight 55 gallon drums.  We are also getting a huge mixer, to blend in the honey,  that is basically a steel outboard engine.  Don’t worry, we won’t go boating with it.  I mean, probably not, we’re busy making Fire Cider!

There are 4 more IBC’s just like this one on their way from Nebraska.  Our plan is to fill them all this summer so we will have plenty of Fire Cider ready for the fall.  A BIG thank you to the Frankin County Community Development Corporation for getting us the loan we needed to upgrade our equipment.  Yup, that’s right, it’s not just an incubator kitchen, the CDC supports their members with all aspects of running a food business, how cool is that?

You may have noticed that once again, our labels look a little different.  Our printer, Creative Labels of Vermont (CLOVE), has been able to source the plain kraft paper that we started with.  It only took two years but it was worth it for fully recyclable, un-dyed paper.  We hope you like them too!

Lastly, yes, there will be free tee-shirt give aways on our Facebook page starting in just a few weeks, so stay tuned!

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