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It's A Medicinal Tonic. It's A Cocktail Mixer. It's Both…and More!

Fight the Flu with Fire!

The flu is the worst and this year is no exception.

Here are a few ways to use Fire Cider to boost your immune system and kick out those germs!

Sinus Relief: Mix one to just boiling water with Fire Cider in a mug. Hold up to your stuffy nose and breathe deeply for immediate relief, just make sure to keep your eyes closed! When the mixture cools to a drinkable temperature, add fresh squeezed lemon juice, honey and drink up!

Cold and Flu Fighter: take a swig, shot (1/2 ounce) or a dose of Fire Cider straight up or in a glass of OJ or warm tea every 2 hours when a cold or flu is coming on.  Keep it up until you feel better.

Sore Throat Soother:  
take as is straight from the bottle or add more raw honey from your area: use a one to one ratio of Fire Cider to honey and take by the spoonful as a throat soothing immune booster.

And finally, some cold and flu fighting foods to keep in your diet, many of these are already in Fire Cider:

How many of these foods are Fire Cider ingredients?

So many of these foods are Fire Cider ingredients!


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2 thoughts on “Fight the Flu with Fire!

  1. Okay, I’m sorry, I may make a pest out of myself…..posting on your facebook page, posting on my facebook page, BUT, I am just that excited about having found out about Fire Cider. I am a nurse who has never believed in using meds as a first cure for anything!!!!! I know, why would I become a nurse if that is how I feel? Well, I like taking care of people, but dont necessarily agree with what traditional doctors tell you to do. A friend of mine sent over some Fire Cider on Monday night while I was suffering with a horrible sore throat which actually was strep. I was on an antibiotic but I took the 2 doses of Fire Cider she sent me too. I had only taken one dose of the anitibiotic, but on Tuesday morning, I swear I felt so much better. My aches and lethargy were gone. My throat was a tad bit sore, but nothing compared to the day before. I firmly believe it was the Fire Cider and not the antibiotic that made me feel that much better so quickly. Tuesday I ordered my own 16 ounce bottle and today when I got home from work, it was here:) I had told my kids all about it and they are teenage boys, 21, 19, 17 and 15. The 15 year old and 19 year old were here when I got home from work and were so excited about trying it out. So my husband and my two sons and I all did shots of Fire Cider together. The boys really love the idea of it being all natural. I have always been one to use homeopathic meds on my children and myself and this is just heaven sent as far as I am concerned. I am not going to lie, I will probably try to make my own version on Fire Cider as no stores in Va. sell it and it would be cheaper for me if 6 of us in a household, or really 4 of us since two kids aren’t living at home now, are using it daily for preventive measure. But I am so greatful that you all are out there, and I will promote you to all of my friends who will listen to my praises of you.
    Tomorrow for dinner we were already going to be eating brussel sprouts, but now i am going to use one of your recipes:)
    Thanks for all you do to bring a healthier, natural alternative to people everywhere. Much success and love to you all.
    Debbie (poulet chateau on facebook)

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