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Brussels Sprouts N Bacon

Last week Dana and I made our second to last garden harvest, mostly Brussels sprouts, some romanesco and plenty of the leaves from both plants, it was quite a haul!

Two big bowls of Brussels sprouts (my favorite vegetable!) and plenty of greens.

Dana’s happy because he got to use his harvesting machete : – )

And now it’s time to make dinner….

First, I got out a few slices of bacon from The Meat Market in Great Barrington and cooked them in the large cast iron skillet.

Naturally, the bacon is shaped like it’s home state of Massachusetts. Pigs are wicked smart!

Once the bacon was cooked, I made 4 pieces, and the fat rendered, I set the bacon aside and added as many small Brussels sprouts as I could fit in the pan.

Keep the heat on medium low, toss to coat in the rendered fat and put the lid on for a few minutes.  The sprouts were small so they cooked quickly.

Brussels sprouts, fresh from our garden, cooking in bacon fat.

When the sprouts are cooked through and nicely browned on the outside, turn the heat up a bit and deglaze with a splash of Fire Cider.  Add some black pepper and serve!

A balanced meal: a few slices of bacon, a huge bowl full of greens and a side of veggie soup!

I think this is a great meal: there’s some protein from the bacon (note the ratio of meat to veggies, very important!) and the sprouts were cooked in the rendered fat which is as good for you as olive oil- check it out:

“According to a new book out called Fat by Jennifer McLagan, bacon’s fat is a lot like that of olive oil: “45 percent of the fat in bacon is monounsaturated, the good-for-you fat that can help lower bad cholesterol levels. Better still, bacon’s monounsaturated fat turns out to be oleic acid, the same fat found in olive oil. So that means that some could argue that bacon is about half as good for you as olive oil and about 100 times more delicious.”  Quote taken from Charleston City

Plus a side of the leek and mushroom soup I’d made a few days earlier, you can find that recipe here.  So this meal is about 70% veggies: the Brussels sprouts plus the leeks, mushrooms and carrots from the soup, with the majority of the filling calories from high quality animal sources: cream, butter, bacon and lard.  This is how the Fire Cider makers stay healthy, all winter long.  Hope you enjoy this meal as much as we did!


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