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Ginger Warm Up/Ginger Cooler

Welcome to the new Fire Cider Recipe blog!  Each week Amy will post a new recipe, medicinal use, festival update or cocktail recipe.  This one features one of my favorite foods: ginger.

This hot or cold beverage goes by the name ‘Ginger Cooler’ at the juice bar in the Berkshire Co-op Market in Great Barrington, MA.  Amy and Dana bought the first Fire Cider ingredients in bulk from the co-op and have been members since moving home to the Berkshires in September 2009.

To make this yummy, warming drink:

Send enough green apples plus a big chunk of ginger through your juicer to make a 12 oz glass of juice.  For a hot drink: heat the ginger and apple juice gently on the stove top til warm.

Add a splash or up to a full ounce of Fire Cider.

If you don’t have a juicer you can make this fall favorite by heating up fresh pressed apple cider with grated fresh ginger root.  Add Fire Cider to the warmed juice and enjoy!  This combination is also delicious as a cold drink.

For more Fire Cider recipes look for our hand-bound book due out this December!  And check back here for weekly recipes, medicinal uses and updates.


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